Space World™ is an science-focused simulation game that teaches players about the rocket industry and why STEM education is important to our future

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Math can be fun!!

We are helping educators across the county raise algebra test scores by utilizing a powerful technology called gamification. Space World incentivizes students to do extra homework by creating online competitions and rewarding users with new game content.

Intergalactic Education is partnered with several leading aerospace organizations and universities. We show students how a mastery of basic algebra can open doors to a good school and eventually to an exciting career in the space industry or some other technical field.

The software is suitable for summer camps, afterschool enrichment programs, and can serve as a valuable tool for teachers who would like to save time correcting homework assignments and quizes.

Justin Park President

Sam Aghdam Senior Graphic Designer

Joe Dowgiallo PR Manager

Christina Boswell Teaching Liaison

Bret Lowe Software Engineer

Jillian Walker Graphic Designer

Micah Betts Developer

Justin Binder Jr. Developer

Nnamdi Okpuzor Graphic Designer

Game Developer

Enthusiastic full-time Unity3d developer

The ideal candidate should have previous experience programming and designing computer games.


  • Implement game mechanics, scripting, and create 3D animations with assets from the graphics team.
  • Perform testing, debugging, and quality assurance related tasks.
  • Actively interact with Space World community, including updates to company development website and blog.


  • At least one year of solid game development experience in the Unity (C#).
  • Good understanding of prefabs, components, meshes, materials, and colliders.


  • Knowledge of 3D modeling software (Blender, 3DMax or AutoCAD)
  • Familiarity with versioning control, XML serialization, and databases (SQL)

Teaching Liaison

Full-time teaching liaison working directly with our customers in the classroom

The ideal candidate should have previous experience working with the education system and have a strong aptitude for computers.


  • Interactive with students and teachers by helping to facilitate lesson plans that are built into the software.
  • Actively interact with Space World community, including updates to company social media sites and blog.
  • Perform product testing, configuration, and quality assurance related tasks.


  • At least two years of teaching at a middle school or high school, preferably math.
  • Ability to travel to middle schools throughout Maryland and Virginia.


  • Previous experience in instructional design and curriculum creation
  • Familiarity with testing methodologies and performance assessment


Talented full-time graphic designer to create artwork

The ideal candidate for this position should have an attractive portfolio of pre-existing work, including both 2D and 3D art.


  • Design and create 3D models and textures for use by the programming team.
  • Look into licensing pre-existing models from 3rd party repositories and further enhance the assets to fit the look and feel of Space World.
  • Actively interact with community (social network), including updates to company Kickstarter page and blog.


  • At least two years of experience working in a 3D modeling environment (e.g. 3DMax, Blender, Maya, or AutoCAD)
  • At least two years of experience working in a 2D graphic design environment (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or GIMP)


  • Knowledge of Unity game development environment and graphics integration
  • Familiarity with video editing software (e.g. Adobe Premier, Final Cut or SnagIt)

Intergalactic Education is currently looking for corporate sponsorship from space organizations and companies that share our vision of the future. We offer unique in-game advertising opportunities to those wishing to be involved in STEM education. Please get in contact for more information.